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(S)ocial, (M)obile, (A)nalytics, (C)loud

By 2020, 100 Billion devices will be connected to the internet creating the "internet of things". Social Media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google has already become key players in boosting business productivity. Smartphones are playing a key role in every one of our lives, so if you are not Mobile, be ready to be termed as outdated.

Corporates will be managing 50 times the data they are managing now, So to take any key business decisions we need Analytics with Bigdata Analytics. Cloud services like IaaS, SaaS and PaaS are becoming popular now a days and smarter business are moving their application, services and data on the cloud to reduce cost and increase productivity.

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Looqi is a GPS tracking wrist band which tracks your children realtime with the feature of geofencing which gives you an immediate notification on your mobile when you have the mobile app of looqi installed.


KeepTrack B.V


Mobile (App on ios & android), Analytics (Bigdata Analytics to handle huge amount of GPS data sent every 20 seconds)


Smartfanpage is a platform for publishing apps to your company social media channels like facebook page and creating awesome marketing campaigns for better business success.


Smartfanpage B.V.


Social (Facebook), Mobile (Facebook campaigns for Mobile), Analytics (For measuring the success of campaign), Cloud (Served from fault tolerant cloud to make sure your campaign runs without any hindrance)


Biomet Academy

Biomet Academy is a event based subscription tool for doctors to attend events. The system has a custom management system for managing events, payments, subscription, campaigns and analytics.




Cloud (SaaS for Email campaigns), Analytics (For insights on subscription)

Big data Analytics

Amount of data generated in 2013 is more than the amount of data generated in history of computer since 2012. It is evident that we are already in the era of Bigdata where huge amount and variety of data is generated with very high velocity every hour, and we need expert technological implementation to process and handle them. Delgence provides bigdata implementation and analytics with Hadoop, hBase, Cassandra, Hive and advanced predictive modelling and analysis with Apache Mahout and R.

Enterprise Mobility

We start our day with a look into our smartphone and the end the day with same. Now is the need of all business that they run their applications on mobile. Amount of people using smartphones today is expected to grow up to 70% by end of 2017. Delgence provides cross platform mobility solution to cater the industry needs.

Social Campaigns

Today many business success is dependent on how they run and manage their campaigns in social media platforms. It should not be very difficult to start a social campaign and engage your potential customer to participate by awarding them some rewards (Gamification) and measure the success of campaigns. Campaigns on social channels are one of the cheapest ways to reach to many potentials customers if the capabilities are utilized properly. Delgence makes a difference by engaging themselves with associates and provide the best possible solution for the best ROI on their social campaigns.


with the birth of mobility and the gamut of calculative power capable by our devices, the biggest leap at this moment is virtual reality and AI. But a roadblock still remain in connecting two or more such independent devices or an non virtual device on one platform capable of voice or data communications. This is where one of our key strengths lies in. Delgence has executed some critical challenges in collaboration with Etisalat.

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