The Data Era

Amount of data generated in 2013 is more than the amount of data generated in history of computer since 2012. It is evident that we are already in the era of bigdata where huge amount and variety of data is generated with very high velocity every hour, and we need expert technological implementation to process and handle them. Delgence provides bigdata implementation and analytics with Hadoop, hBase, Cassandra, Hive and advanced predictive modelling and analysis with Apache Mahout and R.


By 2020, 100 Billion devices will be connected to the internet creating the "internet of things". Social Media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google has already become key players in boosting business productivity. Smartphones are playing a key role in every one of our lives, so if you are not Mobile, be ready to be termed as outdated.

Corporates will be managing 50 times the data they are managing now, So to take any key business decisions we need Analytics with Bigdata Analytics. Cloud services like IaaS, SaaS and PaaS are becoming popular now a days and smarter business are moving their application, services and data on the cloud to reduce cost and increase productivity.