Block Chain Development

The revolutionary technology of blockchain has recently taken the advertising world by storm. It allows for the sharing and distribution of information without the possibility of making any changes or copying it.

However, bots generate about half of all the ad traffic. Brands spend a lot of money to reach potential customers, but this doesn’t guarantee that such ads will increase sales.

The intriguing thing is that such a scenario might easily change after businesses are able to target individual customers directly. Several technological advancements such as smart contracts and blockchain are already innovating the digital marketing industry to do exactly that.

It’s almost certain that blockchain is the underlying technology likely to cause disruptions in more ways that we can imagine. It’s partly why an augmented reality platform is being created to integrate cryptocurrency and rewards for viewing augmented experiences. However, this is just one of the potential uses.

When users perform searches, they are free to choose the amount of data they would like released to advertisers. Once this happens, users can be compensated for the data unlike what currently is the case with digital marketing services. So, instead of intermediaries selling your data to advertisers, you will be doing it yourself and directly.

Client Speak

It usually starts as a “symptom” – the need for something more than traditional DB management tools in your enterprise. There are a standard set of activities which when performed, enable the linking of this “symptom” or a “business challenge” to your Big-data needs.

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