Campaign Building

Campaign Building

Why we need campaign?

A well-planned campaign can spark new interest in your business and increase your sales, donations, and impact. The most important part of creating a campaign is defining a clear and concise goal. Your goal can be as simple but it must be specific. The more specific you are when setting your goal, the greater chance you’ll have of actually achieving it. The specificity will help focus your tactics and save time. In the current inbound marketing landscape, if you’re not utilizing strategic campaign building services , then you’re leaving money on the table.

Present status

Things are constantly growing and changing and as such, it’s more important than ever, that entrepreneurs understand how to develop high quality and quantity links via a comprehensive campaign building strategy. One of the areas that consistently come across where marketers require training and mentoring is the process of developing a digital marketing plan.

Planning the campaign building

What you often find when dealing with companies, both large and small, is that do not actually have a written plan that they can put their hand to and say ‘this is our campaign plan’. The purpose of a campaign plan for any organisation is to force you through the process of researching and clearly articulating the aims and goals of your digital initiatives, along with clearly targeting digital personas, and methodically choosing which channels to go after them and how. Now you're ready to organize your content into a campaign. Campaigns in our website allow you to associate related marketing assets so you can easily measure the progress and results of your collective marketing actions.

Requirements For a successful campaign building campaign

A genuinely useful product or service

First and foremost, the company or client you’re building links for must have a genuinely useful product or service. Campaign building isn’t magic, and the number one criterion for being link-worthy is having a useful product or service to offer. Providing value is crucial in nearly every aspect of link acquisition, and if the site you’re working with doesn’t offer some form of value to an existing audience, securing links will be extremely difficult.

Quality content

Link campaigns cannot succeed without some form of quality content on the site.

There are definitely instances where it might be possible to build a few links without content, but for a sustainable, successful campaign, you need to have some form of quality content on your site.

What does “quality” content mean? Any content that provides some form of value to your audience. Here are some different types of content that typically can be used as linkable assets:

  • Unique research or data.
  • Visually engaging images.
  • Well-designed, thoroughly researched infographics.
  • How-to articles/guides.
  • Industry news coverage.
  • Entertaining games or quizzes.
  • Helpful tools.
  • Instructional or amusing videos.
  • High-profile interviews.
  • Humorous or satirical material.
  • Educational podcasts/webinars.
  • A simple blog can often be enough, as long as you’re creating content that’s designed to provide value for your target audience.

Willingness to collaborate

Finally, solid link campaigns require a client’s or company’s willingness to collaborate and integrate the campaign with other marketing initiatives.

Capaign building should never be a siloed strategy, performed in a vacuum from the rest of online marketing. Link acquisition often becomes exponentially more effective when integrated with other marketing efforts

Off-Page SEO strategies based on link building

  • Exchange of links:

The exchange links with service related websites, commonly termed as Thematic Link Exchange. This can help in increase of our link popularity. This can be a major factor in Google’s Page Rank algorithm. We need to be careful of Black Hats while doing exchanges.

  • Link Baiting:

We should place website link as a reference of websites, from where we have copied or published another website news or content in our blog or website. In this way our content becomes trustworthy. This is another way to increase link popularity.

  • Cross-linking:

We should link our internal pages using targeted keyword as anchor text. This strategy can often be hard to implement. These types of links have more weight from a search engine point of view. This increases our link popularity, which is another major factor of Google Page Rank algorithm.

Client Speak

It usually starts as a “symptom” – the need for something more than traditional DB management tools in your enterprise. There are a standard set of activities which when performed, enable the linking of this “symptom” or a “business challenge” to your Big-data needs.

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