Digit By Delgence

Digit Training & certification programs are an essential tool by which students can learn and grow their professional as well as academic excellence. Accompanied by an internship and Classroom teaching DigIT aims to bridge the gap between what is the quality demanded from a fresher from the employer. We engage in interactive courses on Development and Digital Marketing delivered by Souvik and Ronny.


8 classes classroom training.


9000 per student


Total available seats = 15


1) The basic building blocs: HTML and CSS
2) bootstrapping, JavaScripts.. ajax ..
3) Web Server, Web Architecture and Websites Part1
4) Web Server, Web Architecture and Websites Part2
5) Databases
6) Opensource Programming and PHP
7) Advanced programming and Algorithms
8) CMS and Basic web application on Open Source


2 days of training by Chief Technical Officer (Saturday & Sunday) Classes on alternate weekends (time 4:30 pm) Snacks will be provided during classes. Students to carry own laptops or system.


If any student shows exceptional performance during the program will be absorbed directly. Else everyone else will face a qualification exam. Those who pass will be absorbed directly depending on grades Everyone gets 20% discount on the next DigIT 3 advanced course.