Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Regardless of their organization’s size, social media management has become one of the core focuses for marketers and community managers.

Having an active presence on most popular social platforms is as important as learning how to manage them effectively and make the most of their features and benefits.

Managing various different networks at the same time can be challenging and that’s where social media management tools come in handy. Such platforms let you keep an eye on and promptly reply to messages on social, monitor all your social accounts in one place, schedule posts in advance and analyze your online activity.There are plenty of tools out there, so choosing the right one for your business can prove difficult.

Social media management isn’t just about posting content to a business’s social media channels.

Social media management has become a complex, multi-faceted role that operates to help a business achieve its highest-level goals. It isn’t a job that functions independently or in isolation within the company.

In fact, some argue it isn’t even a job at all anymore; that social media tasks and responsibilities should be everyone’s responsibility.

Whether you’re in the market for a dedicated social media manager or just a socially-savvy team member, these social media management skills is a must.

Social Media Management is the act of monitoring and participating in social conversations across platforms.

The easiest way to view social media management is to consider that it includes 3 major social media disciplines:

  • social listening
  • social analytics
  • social engagement

Social listening is when you gather everything that is being said about your brand. Social analytics help you undersand all the social media chatter and relate it to possible business changes. Social engagement is the act of interacting, usually 1-on-1 but occasionally at scale, with customers over social channels. Most business take on social engagement to close the loop with customers on their issues.

The Path to Social Media Management

Companies often have multiple social media accounts on many different social platforms. They need to use social media management software and a social marketing team to stay on top of their social media presence

Until recently, people tasked with social media management only focused on creating and executing plans to generate and post content. However, today’s consumers demand easy and non-disruptive customer support via social channels.

Social managers must schedule posts, respond to questions, manage communities, and participate in conversations. Leading companies combine their social customer service effort with their social media management programs. Social customer service includes routing customer service issues to the right department, updating customers about outstanding issues, and closing the loop with the customer seeing issues through to resolution.

Client Speak

It usually starts as a “symptom” – the need for something more than traditional DB management tools in your enterprise. There are a standard set of activities which when performed, enable the linking of this “symptom” or a “business challenge” to your Big-data needs.

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